KRI Dewaruci leaning and the Open Ship in France

Johannesburg - After conducting a number of activities in the city of Malaga, Spain, and implement a six-day voyage on the high seas, the Navy training ship Tall Ship type (tall sailing ship), KRI Dewaruci currently rests in the port city of Cherbourg, France, Wednesday 07/07/2010).
The arrival of KRI Dewaruci commanded by Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) Suharto, as the Commander Task Force (And Task Force) Kartika Jala Krida (KJK) Cadet Naval Academy (AAL) Force-57 was greeted with great enthusiasm. This proved to many local people who want to watch closely to visit even directly at the ship KRI who is also coached the Cadet AAL.
During their stay in this city cadets AAL, undertake visits to officials / local agencies, sporting friendship, Cocktail party, see historic sites directly. And the most exciting entertainment and gives special attention from the local population is a national arts performances and Display Drums Flute Gita Midshipman Jala, said First Admiral AAL Governor Bowo Armed Forces Day.
During the voyage to Europe was the cadet AAL indeed been trained and equipped with various types of national dances to be displayed, including Rampak Drum Dance (Jabar), Tari Saman (Aceh), Kecak Dance (Balinese), and the arts Reog (Ponorogo) and Dance Badinding, "said Armed Forces Day Laksma Bowo.
Subsequently according to KRI Dewaruci plan will continue the voyage to the city of Antwerp, Belgium. (Dispen AAL

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