Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 Days Jail

Beverly Hills - Live actress Lindsay Lohan is currently a similar roller coaster. His career as an actress and the designer is still ongoing. However, all that is threatened is suspended. Starting from June 20 next, the Mean Girls star has to be  his life behind bars for 90 days.
The verdict was dropped High Court judge Marsha Revel Beverly Hills on Tuesday (6 / 7). In addition to imprisonment verdict, the judge asked Lohan underwent 90 days of special programs of rehabilitation as soon as he breathed the free air. Lohan verdict down because it violates the special condition that must be fro during the period of probation.
Failed to complete alcohol treatment, in October 2009 on lawyers Lohan asks judge extended the probation. However, Lohan's behavior, in fact, unchanged. In May, when the judge asked him to come to the hearing, she was caught drinking partying in Cannes, France. Lohan's absences to the court by reason of failing to return lost his passport on time.
The judge heard the verdict, Lohan was crying uncontrollably.'m really serious about living conditions that penalty,''he said. 'But I also have a career and work. Because, it's my world,''he added with tears loose.
However, the judge remained unmoved and Revel Lohan did not seriously consider serving. He is cheating people who think what he did not cheat, as long as it does not get caught,''firmly Revel".
The fall verdict in accordance with the demands of the prosecutor Danette Meyers. Accused''(Lindsay Lohan) is not serving a sentence bersyaratnya serious. I ask him detained for a deterrent effect,''said Meyers.
Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, asked the judge to consider Lohan's condition. Believe''Your Honor, he's doing his best in these difficult conditions,''he said.
Undergo the verdict, Lohan will enter Century Regional detention center, detention center where Paris Hilton was languishing for 23 days in 2007, after a proven driving while intoxicated.
Although it is definitely go to jail, Lohan may slightly relieved. The entire crew Inferno: A Story Linda Lovelace, a new film with her starring role as a porn star, still support him.
We're a hundred percent behind him.We are very proud to work with him,''said the acting director screenwriter, Matthew Wilder.

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