Apabila anak cucu adam itu wafat, maka terputuslah amalannya kecuali tiga perkara: sedekah jariyah, ilmu yang bermanfaat dan anak yang sholih yang mendoakan orangtuanya.? (HR Muslim, dari Abu Hurairah ra).

"O Allah, grant health heal Mama mama mama can make to the office again, aamiiin"
Four-year-old little boy, with tears in her eyes? Hand tertengadah? Pray to the Lord, for the healing of the Mother. Shortly after the prayer, he turned to Mother for giving a small smile nan sincere. His clear round as though to say that he fully expected the mother to a healthy back, so that can work as usual.
I'm touched. Absolutely never thought that she was the little angel, who awarded the Beneficent God to Us. My body is lying limp on the bed without the power of this, as if lightning gets new power to hear the prayer line. Slowly I moved from my sleeping position, then sit bersandar.masih in bed.
Thanks Sister ... Big Brother is very good to Mama,? I said no less sincere.? Yes, both ... Mama is also very good as I do,? Sahutnnya, while come hug me.
Ah ... God, beautiful moments like this. He's very clever, just acted like an adult. Thank you! I cried silently.
The little boy, is still very small when invited to speak many things that complicated. However Subhannallah ...
how he was sensitive to what happens around her, including to pray for his mother who was ill. In fact, if anything I'm healed ... not a lot of my time to give him.
Since my gynecologist said that I was pregnant with the second three months ago, my endurance somewhat decreased. Often prone to illness. More quickly exhausted. And sometimes, I feel nauseous. When compared with the first pregnancy, I did have a lot to be grateful because this time no serepot first. If the first I could not eat rice hooked up to three months of pregnancy, my appetite has actually increased. I'm also not to vomit. Alhamdulillah ... But maybe, because he felt healthier than before, I loose control. Working too hard, often overtime, to come home late at night. Sure, at the beginning of this year, my work is piling up. Then be then I collapse!
One morning, two days ago, I felt my body very weak. When I forced wake, my eyes dizzy and almost fell. Luckily there is a husband behind me, who then memapahku back to the room. And since that time, I hardly do any work whatsoever, except lie. Snooze. Though I also could not sleep. Based on doctor's examination, I was exhausted. Asked to plenty of rest. Hmm ... even so, my thoughts still drift into the office, heading for certain jobs were increasingly abandoned because it has not been touched.
And kesibukanku as a housewife while women work, making time seem so narrow to share with him. Nevertheless, holy boy ... always cheerful. Easy to forgive. And never keep any hint of anger in his white liver.
Now, after hearing his prayer, I realized. That during the four years he was mandated to us, I was not quite able to keep it.
Often when he calls attention, with a sudden sitting on my lap, for example. I even mengusinya. Asked him to sit alone, the reason he is getting big. Or when she came with her tiny hands a stack of story books to read, a thousand and one reasons to give him. I'm very aware that he is very dear to me. But evil, I often use compassion as an excuse.
Later tonight, honey. Mama was still tired, just came from the office. Moreover, itchy throat mama, so ... just the story tonight, huh ...?
And like a has-been, exhausted or sick reason he always received with a smile. He also left with a pile of books. And during it all, I never regretted. Though I may have disappointed him so much. Now ... sincere prayer has managed to wake me from a mistake. I hope, and will fight hard ... to not reject the good wishes. To welcome the attention that he was yearning from her mother. May God give me strength, to be able to turn into her mother better. Because God has been so dear to me, by giving such a son Salih ... until the age of relatively very very young, sincere prayer has flowed for me. And hopefully one day he became a pious child, who can illuminate the grave and raise our degrees in heaven, with long prayers in abundance, aamiiin ...
Apbila son of Adam had died, then terputuslah deeds except for three cases: jariyah charity, beneficial knowledge and of pious children who pray for their parents. (Muslim).
Degree will be appointed a pious servant in heaven. Then he will wonder: O God, what made me like this? Then say to him, permohonanan your forgiveness for you. (Reported by Ahmad, from Abu Hurairah ra).

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